Online Operations Manuals created

Have you got stacks of files and/or templates stored in a filing cabinet or hard drive somewhere? Are these files meant to help you run the business but no one can find what they’re looking for? Or are there just 1 or 2 people in your company who look after these files (usually the owner or manager) and no one else bothers?

This is such a common problem I can’t even begin to explain…

But…The solution is here!

I’ll put your files and instructions into an online operations or policy and procedure manual that ALL your staff can use every day, no matter where they are.

It works just like a website, custom designed for your staff and your company information and your processes all included. No more searching through hard drives or shared drives and no more digging into folders, within folders, within folders…

This is truly a breakthrough¬†process that makes the systemisation¬†of businesses so much more effective, you’ll wonder how you and your team ever lived without it .

My clients include franchised child care companies, aged care facilities across the state, building material suppliers, hardware stores, plumbing suppliers and rural suppliers.

You’ve got to see this in action, it’ll blow your mind… Don’t hesitate, contact me now to have a look at this online policy and procedure manual…
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