A few words about us

“Looking for people who know what you’re going through?”

When you turn to someone for help in your business, you want people who’ve “been there & done that”, right.

That’s one reason why Phire Power is the right choice when you’re looking for help to grow profits, improve sales, reduce inventory, manage operating expenses or prepare your business for the next generation or even getting it ready to sell at the best possible price.

Don’t waste time and money, come to the Phire Power team. We work with people across a broad range of industries, we get our hands dirty and we speak your language.

So how does Phire Power differ from other coaches, area managers & consultants?

  • We’ve removed the need for long term contracts. You can get help on a monthly basis if you want which makes your budget go further and gives you time to implement the strategies we give you and verify your results.
  • We work on specific areas that are troubling you – stock, staff, profit, sales, management coaching, cash flows, budgeting…. wherever you feel the pain is where we focus our efforts.
  • Our team have owned and managed their own businesses, hands on. You won’t find a “bought” consulting system at Phire Power. We use and recommend the things that we’ve actually used in our careers, and we know they work!
  • Your Phire Power consultant is able to draw advice from the rest of the team to find solutions for your problems. You’re not alone when you work with Phire Power.
  • Experience in business right across Australia is at your finger tips, whenever you need it. Many business owners get great satisfaction from going to group meetings where they chat to other business owners in similar businesses. Working with us is has the same effect, yet you don’t have to feel pressured to “perform” in front of your peers.
  • Confidentiality and discretion is assured.