No more books, folders or searching through countless computer files

“When you need safety information, you generally need it NOW!”

And you need to find it easily, and without waiting for the administration staff to send it to you.

Now you can.

Get ALL of your instructions, inductions, documents, templates, checklists, reports… the whole kit and caboodle, into your own website. That’s right, get it OFF your local computer hard drive and store it safely in your own Workplace Health & Safety website, so it’s available to all your staff no matter where they are or what time it is.

Click here to view an example of your web-based WH&S Manual

  • Your WH&S manual will look like this…

  • Double click the WHS menu on the left to expand the contents

Whether you’re onsite or offsite, having easy access to all your safety documents and information can be critical to keeping your staff and your business safe at all times.

Why bother?

  • Your staff are always using the most up to date version of every document because they always get them from your online WH&S website.
  • Every document is able to be located quickly and easily without any knowledge of your “filing system” because they’re all on your website – just like a Google search.
  • Emergency information and documents are always easily located.
  • Everything you use is stored in an easy to use website.
  • Inducting and training staff is as easy as directing them to your website where everything is at their fingertips.
  • Ensure you and your business are doing everything possible to reduce the risk to employees, visitors, and stakeholders

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