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Stability or Growth

Stability and Growth

If you look at this graph, which line do you think is more realistic for your business?

Did you choose the green curve?

The green curve represents steadily slowing growth and solid foundations and while it may look more achievable, it’s actually becoming stagnant and reducing net profits – is this your business?

The red curve shows continuous, year on year, growth on growth.

If you want the red curve for your business, you need to ask yourself if your business could handle the increase in sales activity without sending shockwaves through the company or destabilising it completely.

Could your business handle such constant growth without destroying itself? Most business owners would believe that the red curve is impossible for their business. They firmly believe that the green curve is more suited to their business and more achievable, yet the facts reveal that this red curve is not only achievable, but it’s the reality for top performing businesses in Australia.

Is this possible?

Many feel that the red curve is unrealistic, but this is good because it’s just one more reason why those who go in this direction can be sure that their competitors will find it very hard to copy. A combination of the red and green curve might be the best solution for your business. The question is, how to achieve such a combination?

The most effective way to identify if this process is of value is to have as short confidential phone conversation. If you call me I will not add you to any database, or call you back unless you ask me to, and I will not pass on your details to any other person or organisation. The call will take about 15 minutes.

What’s next?

If the conversation reveals that these processes might be of value to you, I undertake a free review of your organisation to substantiate the conclusions drawn during our phone conversations. I will, if appropriate, document a recommendation and present this to yourself and the core of your management team to gain consensus on the direction and potential outcomes should we proceed further.

Next Step …

What is a review?

A review usually entails a series of interviews with members of the management team. The interview is short normally between one and one and a half hours. In most cases there is no preparation needed. I will send, in advance, a request for a short list of key data I need to collect.

If you are interested to learn how I can help your organisation contact me to arrange a free evaluation. The address and phone number are on the contact page.

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