Workshop & training information

  • You have a “menu of services” to choose from.
  • Workshops and training are presented in 12 modules covering more than 50 topics. Each module can be selected as an individual training course, or you can group modules to suit the needs of your business and your people.
  • Workshops and training are tailored to suit your industry and can be run for single businesses or for a number of stores who belong to a single brand.
  • Courses are available either on-site or off-site, the choice is yours. Most modules run over a period of 1 day but each module and its contents can be modified to suit your business and your team, so the choice is yours.
  • Your workshops are split into 3 main categories;

1) Foundations – 5 Modules

2) Operations – 4 Modules

3) Stability & Growth Р3 Modules

The image below shows the structure and content of those categories.
Remember, you can choose any module or any group of modules, or even have something tailored to suit your specific needs.

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Workshops and training
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